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I mentioned doing a quiz from the Deadlight game on my facebook page.  Here is the quiz.  Below is the list of ID cards that are though out the game.  Test your serial killer knowledge and answer the questions.  Who knows, you might just gain some nugget of trivia you didn’t know.  Have fun!  ~Dixi~ 

P.S. the order of the names is not necessarily the order you find the cards in the game.  ~Dixi~


A)     Arthur L. Allen                                   I)    J. W. Gacy

          B)      K. A. Bianchi                                     J)    E. Theodore Gein

        C)      D. R. Berkowitz                                K)   Karla L. Homolka

     D)     Robert C. Bundy                               L)    Henry L. Lucas

        E)      R. T. Chase                                     M)  Robert W. Pinkton

      F)      J. L. Dahmer                                    N)   O. Elwood Toole

  G)     A. H. DeSalvo                                   O)   A. C. Wuornos

                                                      H)     A. H. Fish


1)      Which killer listed here has never been convicted of the crimes attributed to him?

2)      Which killer listed is not a serial killer based on the official criteria of serial killings and the number of victims he/she was convicted of?

3)      Which killer listed is believed to be the person responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh?

4)      Which of the killers listed had his/her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment in ’98 by George W. Bush?

5)      Which killer listed made the “Deal with the Devil” to get his/her time shortened?

6)      Which killer listed is suspected of involvement in 2 different series of killings?  (Hint: Hillside Strangler & Alphabet Murders)

7)      Which 2 of the killers listed are women?

8)      Which killer listed had kills in the 21st century?

9)      Which killer listed was called “the Vampire of Sacramento”?

10)   Which of the killers listed was born in the 1800’s?

11)   Which of the killers listed was imprisoned for rape but confessed to being a serial killer, including giving details not released to the press?

12)   Which of the killers listed signed a letter with a moniker other than what the press was calling him/her?



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