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Ginger Stein Comic 10-11-11 


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The story of “Rise of the Undead” is told from the point of view of a B-movie actress, Madison Bannister aka Ginger-Stein (her stage name). In the present tense of the story, she is being held and questioned by the Detroit police department and FBI about a mass murder they suspect she committed at the studio where she has worked for most of her career. Ginger admits to murdering her friends and colleagues, but her reasons as to why she did it is a point of disbelief to the authorities.

Ginger relays the events of the 24 hours leading up to her arrest and tells how during the filming of the latest Rodding Studios horror film, a Necromonic virus was released from what everyone thought were prop talismans, shaped like large thunder eggs. These talismans, or vessels as they are called later, are actually ancient idols of unknown origin that carry a plague that re-animates the dead and horrifically alters the living into undead abominations. In a freak accident, one of these talisman idols is cracked and the virus is released, killing/ re-animating or mutating most of the cast and crew.

A handful of people are left after the incident, including Ginger, her sister Erske, her best friend Edie and several of the movie crew. They quickly realize what has been let loose from the talisman idols, and discover even darker things are now loose in their studio. There is a brutally malevolent intelligence at work, preventing them from escaping as one by one the survivors are picked off by the undead. Ginger discovers that through her own exposure to the virus, she’s literally become the character she portrayed on film for most of her career, and must come to terms with her new existence between the living and the dead to save herself and her friends.

Armed only with a chainsaw, a sawed off double barrel shotgun and her wits, Ginger must insure that this perverted breed of ghoul isn’t allowed to escape and infect anyone outside the studio. She must find and destroy the remaining talisman idols before the more intelligent, malicious creatures that have risen from the remains of the cast crew can spread the plague to end all plagues. She must conquer her own doubts and shortcomings to become the hero she’s always pretended to be on film and save the world.

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