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Written and Directed by: Christopher Witherspoon

Produced by: Shawn Smith and Darrell Smith

Brought to you by: Big Screen Ventures, LLC

Released 2010

Starring: Audrey Walker, Rick Crawford, Christopher Witherspoon, with M.L. Maltz, Joe Black-Jacob, Anna Lodej, Richard Topping and Spencer Conway

Reviewer: Splatter Flick Chick

Unfaithfulness seems to run rampant in our society today. Often times cheating goes on unchecked but everyone knows of at least one someone who tried to juggle more than one partner and didn’t come out on top. Rage tells the graphic story of one such man who thought he could break things off with Dana (Lodej) his gal on the side, hoping to return his focus to his middle-class married life dream. As Dennis Twist (Crawford) tells his wife, Crystal (Walker) he loves her and hops into the new car she just bought him, he’s already thinking about how he’s going to break things off with his girlfriend Dana before he meets his shrink for lunch.

On his way into town, set in gorgeous Portland, Oregon, Twist has a bizarre road rage incident with a motorcycle driver (Witherspoon) that he seemingly dismisses as yet another crazy biker on the road. Little does he know, it’s certainly not the last time he’s going to cross paths with this biker again. During the break-up scene, Dana hopes that Dennis is not breaking up with her because he’s afraid of her ex, who she reveals is recently released from jail. Dennis sticks to his original stance; he loves his wife. But the seed is now planted; the mysterious psycho biker, determined to make his horrible mark on Twists’ life, must be Dana’s ex! If you like chase scenes, you’re in for a treat, as Twist consistently attempts to evade the psycho biker Witherspoon plays so very, very well!

“Listen, I just think that when a person does bad things, it’s gonna come back on them somehow,” shares Twist with his psychiatrist, over lunch, at the beginning of the film. Twist knows he made the right decision breaking off his affair, but the wheels of karma are already in motion. The remainder of the film paints a vivid picture of how bad things could get when guilt and infidelity wrap their deadly fingers around a cheating husband. Karma is a BITCH, Baby! Viewers will be on the edge of their seats, nerves raw, adrenaline pumping, fighting to look away from the brutal scenes of gore and rape, hoping for a moment of reprieve from Rage, to no avail. There is no escaping Witherspoon’s ability to keep all eyes glued to the screen! 

I haven’t seen an independent film of this caliber in quite some time! I loved the artwork, and taglines, so much I had to share one of the movie posters below. The acting was solid. The story is brilliant. The twist is outstanding. Rage deserves at least 7.5 out of 10 stars!!! I HIGHLY recommend this sick and twisted, yet extremely clever movie, but proceed with caution; Rage is NOT for the faint of heart. 

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