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The Zombies are coming! If you haven't been hiding under a stone the whole world is talking about the living dead. It's Zombie this...Zombie that! The crazy of Zombies are everywhere. SO WHY NOT JOIN THEM!  We are here to promote HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE ATTACK PART II: The Return of Joey Burrito.

A message from Chris Rowe 

My name is Chris Rowe, I am the co-owner of HvK Entertainment, and I'm a just a normal guy (to be determined) who is making a low budget sequel to our How to Survive a Zombie Attack PSA we did two years ago ( ) . We are doing it on a shoestring budget using all the resources we have available. Our first “How to Survive A Zombie Attack” became an overnight sensation.

With the response we got from it. We decided to make a sequel it will be better...stronger than before.  But this is where we need your help.  We have taken care of the editing and camera end.  But we need financial help with the make-up portion.  Our group is fortunate enough to have access to some amazing cosmetic talent in the special fx/makeup field.  They are donating their time, but the supplies cost money.  That is where you come in.  Look over to the right ( ----> this way) and you will see options on how to give.  Give what you can, every dollar is happily appreciated and excepted.

We get to work with an amazing Director: Titus Jackson of Tiroma Films. He is well known for "Into the Badlands" and the hit independent film "Jesus Fish".

Like we said before Zombies are a hot topic right now....So we want to make fun of the seriousness some groups are showing about the "impending apocalypse" of the undead.  Please help us get our funny message and give everyone a laugh instead of a doom filled phobia.

If you can't help via money, then help us make some noise about the campaign.  Share it with your friends, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace (are they still around?).  If you have any questions then email us! for donations 

Thank you 

Chris Rowe (Zombie enthusiast) and film maker.

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