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Help Make Badlands a Reality

What is Badlands?

You know the story...Human kind is deadlocked in a struggle with creatures of unknown origin. Some dangerous, some...we don't know! For those of you who can afford to live under government protection. Let this show be your survival guide.

Join survivalist Kurt Logan and his team of specialist as they show you the tips and strategies to stay alive.

Greetings,  My name is Christopher Rowe CEO of HvK Entertainment. We are in association with Tiroma Films to produce an all new TV series based of the hit web short "BADLANDS" starring Scott Gaffen as "Kurt Logan"

Why are we doing this?  Well doing a TV show means you have to up your game for the audience.  To do this you need to afford the special effects, make up and acting talent to bring the fans what they want.  This is where this campaign comes in.

To date, we have raise $5,000.00 -  We need an additional $20,000.00 to get the 6 episodes completed for airing by FaLL 2013. The complete budget will take care of everything we need for the show. Plus we we will get to do one thing we have always wanted to do. Pay for everyone's services helping create the show.

Go to the link below and learn how you can help make Badlands a reality 

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