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IN THE LAVENDER A Steampunk Zombie Odyssey

IN THE LAVENDER, is a story that has something for everyone.  Whether you are into  Steampunk, zombies, pirates, or the post apocalyptic setting, or even if you love action and adventure, this graphic novel has it all.  It is horror, action, comedy and drama all rolled into one!  The story follows a group of heros aboard their flying steamship after they have stumbled across some technology that far surpasses the steampunk world they live in.  The heros believe this new found technology could be a weapon capable of destroying the evil corporation that currently rules the entire planet and its resources. So, they set out to take them down. However, this newly found technology is in the form of a reanimated brain, fitted into a steampunk/cyber mechanical body.  All hell breaks loose once everyone else finds out about this "discovered technology." Everyone from pirates to underground machine cultists want it for themselves. Suddenly, the crew finds themselves in a very complicated situation.

   IN THE LAVENDER is a very well thought out and indepth story.  It has a lot of very intricate plot lines, and story twists and turns that will keep you guessing and wanting more!  The main story though is about the steampunk zombie and how he is a regular guy from the year 2015 ish and his personal struggles in life.  He deals with the same things we all deal with: trying to discover his place in the world, trying to fit in, while facing his own inner demons as well as dealing with misplaced trust and a slew of other problems we all have in life. This isn't a story about the world of tomorrow, or zombies, or robots.  It is a story about you, me, the human condition and how we all are as people.  Just so happens the future is filled with awesome explosions, flying ships, massive mechanical cities, hordes of zombies, and a pile of steam ran everything!!! Welcome to the world of IN THE LAVENDER!

   The title In the Lavender comes from a victorian slang term meaning "dead." The  story was written by myself (Eric Xton) and co written by my wife April. Most of the art is done by me, but, there will be many amazing guest artists from around the world helping out, like Josh Falls, Lidia Misfit, Travis Sharpe and colour work by Ryan Mihandoost of Colossal Robot .  All very talented artists!  Also, I will be updating this campaign regularly to keep everyone up to date.  Please bear with me, as I am new at this fund raising for projects thing lol.  Thank you for your interest!

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