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Mysterious EVP from the Fearcast New Orleans Trip 

Greatings Fearcasters, D here with one of the strangest events that we have ever experienced. During last month Fearcast took a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras to help out our good friends Airship Isabella in the St Anns Parade. When we arrived we did a quick show announcing our arrival to NOLA and to chat with the ASI crew before we hit the streets to cause Havoc.  

Pic of the cast and crew from the parade.

   While we did the show we described the events that would lead up to the parade and a discussion of the 200 year old funeral carriage that would be pulled by a hoard of zombies down the streets of NOLA durring Mardi Gras. During the interview we were informed of some strange voices andd interference we got during the broadcast. Later we downloaded the interview and listened for ourselves amazed at what we heard Fearcast turned it over to the Oklahoma Ghost Chasers to review the episode and give us an opinion on what the mysterious sounds caught during our live episode were. 

Thank you for allowing me the time to listen to this.  Here is a's a definite Class A EVP and you can hear "Get Out" six seconds in.

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What is a Class A EVP you might ask?  Class A: The voices  are understood by all that listen. The words are actually somewhat loud and clear.

Also at 2:09 from the Original recording you start to hear the reverbs.  6:05 to 6:34 the reverbs happen again.  You can make out at 6:05 "STOP"

6:02-6:34 A female voice hisses/exhales into the microphone, and I heard something tap the mic...didn't know if it was you guys or something else.  

6:57 While your friend is say PUFF PUFF PASS a deep male voice is heard whispering over his.

8:09 to 8:15 More Reverbs.  

9:07 is when I hear the get out and the huge build up seconds before.

You have definitely caught some class A EVP interaction.  My theory is you had some major Electro Magnetic energy going with your sound board and mics.  This is had been theorized as a feeding ground for spirits because they can live not only of life energy but Electro Magnetic As well.
So my professional analysis is that you have not only gotten several CLASS A's but they are so good...I didn't have to enhance anything to hear them.  

Thank you for sharing  The rest of the recording has reverbs and taps and some whispering.  But 9:07 is the best one of it all!

Christopher Rowe
Founder of The Oklahoma Ghost Chasers







Here is the epidose in its entirety take a listen and you be the judge. Feel free to comment and tell us what you hear. 

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We would like to thank ASI for having us to New Orleans and all the amazing people we met along the way. Please swing by and show ASI some love and tell them FCN sent ya.

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