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          There is indeed something strange in the neighborhood and the Tulsa Spirit Tours will take you to all the “hot spots”.  I had the privilege of going on the first ghost tour in their new bus.  No more renting the party bus or the trolley for them!  They did not paint the outside to look like an Ecto vehicle but the inside does have some spooky decorations to remind you that this ain’t your average sightseeing tour.


               The ladies who took us on the tour had many interesting stories about the locations we visited.  Teri French did a majority of the talking and she does have a book out called Tulsa’s Haunted Memories where she explores some of Tulsa’s own urban legends and some not well known histories.  The tour met downtown at the OSU parking lot just north of Mt. Zion Church.  Please keep in mind, to go on one of these tours you must have a reservation as there is limited seating on the bus – they will not accept walk ons.  The tour began with some of Tulsa’s most infamous history – the Tulsa Race Riots.  As most people know, many ghosts arise from violent deaths.  Of course, as with all history many stories vary, everyone claims theirs is the true story and the history books only recorded what they were told to record.  While it was a bad time for Tulsa, it is still fascinating to hear the stories.

The tour went by the old Brady Mansion in the Brady Heights district.  That house has had its ups and downs and is currently for sale if anyone is interested in being in a cursed house.  My partner in crime who went on this tour with me told me when we approached this house that many years ago he had a whim to walk by the place with gauss meter which went off like crazy.  Gauss meter for those not in the know measures magnetic fields – an EMF.




Then the tour went by Tulsa’s oldest house.  I tried to get a good picture of the place but only the first one really came out with any clarity.  The others were very blurry even though I had the camera braced.  


 The next stop for the tour was to the Gilcrease Home and Tomb.  This was the first time we got the chance to get out and walk the area, which I would have liked to have done that at some of the other places but I do understand the legality issues.  We were warned that sometimes camera batteries would mysteriously drain there only to be back at charge once off the grounds.  No such thing happened to our equipment that night.  The ladies also said that this was one place that every time they have done an investigation they always got some phenomena.  We were told about a ghost cat that seems to roam the premises which reminded me of when I was in New Orleans and a ghost cat story at a park there.  Of all the animals, it makes sense that cats would make their ghostly presence known.  If I’m remembering correctly, this was the location that had actually made the ghost investigators pack up their equipment and leave the house before they were done with an investigation. 



          Next up was the Cave House out there on Charles Page Boulevard.  The lady who owns the place (I believe her name was Linda) was gracious enough to open it up for us to walk through.  She showed us a few of her ghost pics and told us the stories behind them.  The Cave House does have its own tours that are by appointment only for just $10.   I am certain that in these tours she goes into more details of the history of the house and the ghost stories.  I liked the story of the Key Lady, a spirit that would take keys from people.  I do have to wonder what she will do, though, as more and more things are becoming remote entry? 

            The tour wrapped up with more of the driving to locations and not getting off the bus.  One of the locations we went by (and yes the bus did stop as stories were told, so it wasn’t just a drive by) was the old Hanging Tree over near the BOK center.  Sadly, I was on the wrong side of the bus to get any pics of the actual tree but I hope to go back to get some pictures – perhaps not so close to Samhain though.   Then we went to the Brady Theater and the Cain’s Ballroom, both places with a lot of history that can be found and it seems the people that made the history aren’t always at rest.  I know that when I was Cain’s I always preferred being outside or in the auxiliary instead of the ballroom proper, perhaps it was because of the agitated spirits. 

            The tour was a fun way to spend the evening and I would encourage people to take it even when it’s not October.  If you go and there is a smaller group chances are you can get more detailed stories of their adventures as the investigators explored these places.  I do appreciate that they had some EVP that they played for us over the speakers to go with certain locations.  And yes, sometimes they told us what was said there were times when they let the recording play and just indicated where we should hear something.  All the recordings were the undoctored recordings although that doesn’t mean that the investigators didn’t take the audio files and process them to get a better idea of what was being said.  Again, this reminded me of when FearCast was in New Orleans and we did a live broadcast of our radio show.  People were texting us asking who was talking in the back ground and when I listened to the playback, sure enough you could clearly hear someone telling us to “Get Out”.   Amazing what can be caught on camera and recorder. 

            The Spirit Tours do have a variety of tours that they will take you on such as a Haunted Pub Tour (one is a walking tour and one is a bus tour) or a Serial Killer Tour.  All the info about prices and dates can be found on their website .  For further info on the Cave House Tours you can look up that page at .  To order a copy of Tulsa’s Haunted Memories visit .


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