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Ill Willed Productions and Nightbreed

Ill Willed Productions is creating these amazing Nightbreed busts and sculptures! The first as far as I can tell is going to be my personal favorite Breed, Narcisse!! Nightbreed is Clive Barker's secondary major Directorial effort, based on his novel Cabal. Ill Willed needs our help getting this project to go even further! Check out the link below and please help support Ill Willed, Clive Barker and the Tribes of the Moon!

IN THE LAVENDER A Steampunk Zombie Odyssey

IN THE LAVENDER, is a story that has something for everyone.  Whether you are into  Steampunk, zombies, pirates, or the post apocalyptic setting, or even if you love action and adventure, this graphic novel has it all.  It is horror, action, comedy and drama all rolled into one!  The story follows a group of heros aboard their flying steamship after they have stumbled across some technology that far surpasses the steampunk world they live in.  The heros believe this new found technology could be a weapon capable of destroying the evil corporation that currently rules the entire planet and its resources. So, they set out to take them down. However, this newly found technology is in the form of a reanimated brain, fitted into a steampunk/cyber mechanical body.  All hell breaks loose once everyone else finds out about this "discovered technology." Everyone from pirates to underground machine cultists want it for themselves. Suddenly, the crew finds themselves in a very complicated situation.

   IN THE LAVENDER is a very well thought out and indepth story.  It has a lot of very intricate plot lines, and story twists and turns that will keep you guessing and wanting more!  The main story though is about the steampunk zombie and how he is a regular guy from the year 2015 ish and his personal struggles in life.  He deals with the same things we all deal with: trying to discover his place in the world, trying to fit in, while facing his own inner demons as well as dealing with misplaced trust and a slew of other problems we all have in life. This isn't a story about the world of tomorrow, or zombies, or robots.  It is a story about you, me, the human condition and how we all are as people.  Just so happens the future is filled with awesome explosions, flying ships, massive mechanical cities, hordes of zombies, and a pile of steam ran everything!!! Welcome to the world of IN THE LAVENDER!

   The title In the Lavender comes from a victorian slang term meaning "dead." The  story was written by myself (Eric Xton) and co written by my wife April. Most of the art is done by me, but, there will be many amazing guest artists from around the world helping out, like Josh Falls, Lidia Misfit, Travis Sharpe and colour work by Ryan Mihandoost of Colossal Robot .  All very talented artists!  Also, I will be updating this campaign regularly to keep everyone up to date.  Please bear with me, as I am new at this fund raising for projects thing lol.  Thank you for your interest!

Swing By and Check out the perks help spread the word on this project 

Till Next Time...D



Mysterious EVP from the Fearcast New Orleans Trip 

Greatings Fearcasters, D here with one of the strangest events that we have ever experienced. During last month Fearcast took a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras to help out our good friends Airship Isabella in the St Anns Parade. When we arrived we did a quick show announcing our arrival to NOLA and to chat with the ASI crew before we hit the streets to cause Havoc.  

Pic of the cast and crew from the parade.

   While we did the show we described the events that would lead up to the parade and a discussion of the 200 year old funeral carriage that would be pulled by a hoard of zombies down the streets of NOLA durring Mardi Gras. During the interview we were informed of some strange voices andd interference we got during the broadcast. Later we downloaded the interview and listened for ourselves amazed at what we heard Fearcast turned it over to the Oklahoma Ghost Chasers to review the episode and give us an opinion on what the mysterious sounds caught during our live episode were. 

Thank you for allowing me the time to listen to this.  Here is a's a definite Class A EVP and you can hear "Get Out" six seconds in.

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What is a Class A EVP you might ask?  Class A: The voices  are understood by all that listen. The words are actually somewhat loud and clear.

Also at 2:09 from the Original recording you start to hear the reverbs.  6:05 to 6:34 the reverbs happen again.  You can make out at 6:05 "STOP"

6:02-6:34 A female voice hisses/exhales into the microphone, and I heard something tap the mic...didn't know if it was you guys or something else.  

6:57 While your friend is say PUFF PUFF PASS a deep male voice is heard whispering over his.

8:09 to 8:15 More Reverbs.  

9:07 is when I hear the get out and the huge build up seconds before.

You have definitely caught some class A EVP interaction.  My theory is you had some major Electro Magnetic energy going with your sound board and mics.  This is had been theorized as a feeding ground for spirits because they can live not only of life energy but Electro Magnetic As well.
So my professional analysis is that you have not only gotten several CLASS A's but they are so good...I didn't have to enhance anything to hear them.  

Thank you for sharing  The rest of the recording has reverbs and taps and some whispering.  But 9:07 is the best one of it all!

Christopher Rowe
Founder of The Oklahoma Ghost Chasers







Here is the epidose in its entirety take a listen and you be the judge. Feel free to comment and tell us what you hear. 

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We would like to thank ASI for having us to New Orleans and all the amazing people we met along the way. Please swing by and show ASI some love and tell them FCN sent ya.


Help Make Badlands a Reality

What is Badlands?

You know the story...Human kind is deadlocked in a struggle with creatures of unknown origin. Some dangerous, some...we don't know! For those of you who can afford to live under government protection. Let this show be your survival guide.

Join survivalist Kurt Logan and his team of specialist as they show you the tips and strategies to stay alive.

Greetings,  My name is Christopher Rowe CEO of HvK Entertainment. We are in association with Tiroma Films to produce an all new TV series based of the hit web short "BADLANDS" starring Scott Gaffen as "Kurt Logan"

Why are we doing this?  Well doing a TV show means you have to up your game for the audience.  To do this you need to afford the special effects, make up and acting talent to bring the fans what they want.  This is where this campaign comes in.

To date, we have raise $5,000.00 -  We need an additional $20,000.00 to get the 6 episodes completed for airing by FaLL 2013. The complete budget will take care of everything we need for the show. Plus we we will get to do one thing we have always wanted to do. Pay for everyone's services helping create the show.

Go to the link below and learn how you can help make Badlands a reality 


With a Little Help

Family, Friends & Fans of Roxy unite to help her get back on her feet after surviving Meningitis & a serious spinal cord injury.

A message from Roxy Vandiver,

My reality....I suffer from an Unidentifiable Viral Syndrome that causes my immune system to collapse for reasons unknown. A Research Team from the Centers for Disease Control have been able to determine very little about the illness. I have been asked to be the subject of University Research and to be written about in Medical Journals.

The Doctors call me "A Zebra". A Zebra is a person with an illness that is unheard of and perplexing to medical professionals. What they do know is this: The Virus is NOT contagious in any way, shape or form, and because I suffered from Spinal Meningitis as an infant, I am predisposed to it and have developed it 5 more times in my adult life.

In July 2012, my immune system collapsed again and I received my 5th and 6th spinal taps within days of each other. Something went terribly wrong during the 5th tap. I could feel every inch of the large needle ripping through my skin, tissue and muscle. I felt it "pop" when it pierced my spinal cord, and when the doctor couldn't get the fluid to drain, he began wrenching the needle around inside of me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, begging him to stop, hot tears streaming down my face.

I was in Intensive Care Quarantine for 8 days. My visitors were required to scrub down and wear masks, not to protect them - but to protect ME from them. Since my release in July, I have been seeing a Specialist and undergoing Physical Therapy. I had to learn to walk again. I was out of work for 8 weeks. I was doing well until November 2nd when severe pain caused me to lose the use of my left leg. For days, I was in excruciating pain. I lost all feeling in my face and lips. My ability to taste disappeared, and my nervous system was sending terrible electric "shocks" throughout the left side of my body.

On Nov 7th I underwent a surgical procedure on my spine to help alleviate the pain. I have been recovering since, slowly regaining use of my left leg. I am unable to work right now, and may lose my job entirely. I'm swallowing my pride and admitting that I need HELP. I'm drowning in medical expenses and bills. I do not know when my body will allow me to work again. Necessity trumps foolish pride.

I have left the house about 4 times since my procedure.  I am now required to wear a specially designed back brace and use a walker whenever I go outside.  I have officially been decalred Handi-capped and now have a parking permit.  With the help of very strong medications, and a special back support designed to look like lingerie, I am able to stand and walk normally for short periods and was lucky enough to be able to attend the premiere of 'The Haunted Trailer'. 

I am asking you, my colleagues and friends for charitable donations to help me survive during this difficult time. I understand times are tight for everyone and I will not be hurt or offended if you are unable to donate.

Some very dear friends, Troy Parker, Amy LaFavers, and Sabrina Sin are also in the process of helping to organize a Fundraiser Event that will hopefully include an auction, fashion show, and live performances. We hope to hold this event some time after the New Year.

I want to GIVE BACK and not just take. Proceeds will go towards my doctor & specialist bills, physical therapy, medications and also to keep a roof over my head and food on my table until I am able to work again.

I have also chosen a charity that I would like to make a contribution to with a portion of the proceeds from the Event. The Christopher Reeve Foundation for Spinal Cord Research. No amount is too small and every cent is appreciated. My love and gratitude go to the kind souls who have already donated via PayPal. xoxo, Roxy




Here is the Kickstarter: the LIVE feed at:

(<--- The video links change ever couple hours for recording purposes, so they'll always be there)






 You better watch out! Santa Claus is coming to town, and he knows who’s been bad. On November 30th, Anchor Bay Films presents SILENT NIGHT on screen in ten major U.S. metropolitan areas. Blu-ray™/DVD combo and DVD will be available to unwrap nationwide on December 4th.

A loose remake of the horror classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, the film’s stellar cast includes Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Easy A), Jaime King (Sin City, My Bloody Valentine 3D), Donal Logue (Shark Night 3D, Blade), Lisa Marie (Sleepy Hollow), Brendan Fehr (Final Destination, X-Men First Class), and Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World). 

McDowell and King star as a small-town sheriff and deputy on the hunt for a murderous Santa Claus terrorizing their community on Christmas Eve. But with the streets full of Santas for the annual Christmas parade, the killer is hiding in plain sight. He’s made his list, checked it twice, and the naughty are going to pay with their lives.

SILENT NIGHT was directed by Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion, The Aggression Scale) and produced by The Genre Company and Insidious Pictures




TranscenDANCE comes to Tulsa November 16th 

Tickets available at

Day Of: $16.00


230 East 1st Street
Tulsa, OK 74103




Indiegogo Campaign for Joe Hollow's new film A Blood Story 

"a Blood Story" is a dark and twisted Blood drenched love story of sorts that starts with three strangers who meet on their journey to find the truth of an age old legend seeking the fountain of youth but uncovering much more. The evil that follows is delved in the deepest of bloody historical secrets.

Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), 
Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop, Tango&Cash), 
Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons, Nightmare on Elm Street 4), 
Debra Lamb (Disciples, Evil Spirits, Point Break), 
Tawny Amber Young (Nude Nuns with Big Guns, Bloodsucka Jones), 
Wolfgang Meyer (The Black Facade, 15 Till Midnight) 
Joe Hollow (Legend of the Red Reaper, CUT, Mediatrix)
Melanie Robel (Post Mortem America 2021)









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