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The Haunting of Helena


  Hey kids! Up next is a brief review on the film The Haunting of Helena. Before the review, here is a synopsis of the film from the IMDB page ( "A single mother moves into a new house with her daughter. Soon after the young girl has her first baby tooth fall off, she begins to recount that she is having nocturnal visits by a tooth fairy. It seems the house has a sinister history." 
  This film is a re-re-re-re-imagining of the story of the Tooth Fairy, but don't let that dissuade you by any bit. The story behind "The Tooth Fairy" is explained rather quickly into the film, and it rolls from there. I won't spoil too much as the film hasn't been fully released yet, but pretty much, Helena is the daughter mentioned above. After losing her first baby tooth in a car accident, she begins seeing The Tooth Fairy. This causes issues with her school work and concerns her mother, teacher, and doctors alike. One brief spoiler: Helena actually starts buying other kids baby teeth, using mysterious old coins. That should get ball rolling to make you want to see this.
  As far as the film making is concerned, I was a bit confused in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. Odd cuts and random bits of story just thrown together, but it all did come together very well soon after. The Fairy was really excellent, and great effects. The acting was a bit dry, but realistic enough. I even jumped during a few scenes! I would like to have seen this go a bit longer, as it was just over an hour long. If it could have been longer it may have straightened out the beginning. All around I enjoyed this film, and would really like to see it on a big screen.
 Below is the trailer and poster:



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It's our First Time! Losing Our Virginity...

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Bloody Night

                                                “Are you ready for a Bloody Weekend?”


Budapest, Hungary - Director Hakan Yildiz has released the second teaser trailer for the slasher film Bloody Night. Bloody Night was shot in Budapest, Hungary and the film features several rising stars and starlettes. As well, the latest teaser trailer for the film shows flashes of a mysterious killer, who is intent on stalking four friends on holiday. 

The trailer shows primary cast members on the wrong side of a knife. Actress Anna Rust (The Brothers Grimm) appears prominently in one of Budapest’s empty streets. Her character is chased in back alleys and a park by an unknown attacker. As well, actor Pau Masó (Haunted Poland) is shown as he provides safe refuge for the distressed Anna. And, even the killer makes an appearance with a sharp blade.  

Bloody Night is also set to tour over 20 horror film festivals. Festival runs will take place both in North America and Europe, with specific dates to be announced shortly.


The film’s synopsis:  “4 University students travel to Budapest during the winter break holiday, but they find their lives endangered. Now, these four friends will have to fight for their lives, to escape a masked madman and killer (Sweet Dreams Productions).“


Release Date: Q2 2013. 

Director: Hakan Yildiz. 

Producers: Burcak Ozder, Deniz Sahin and Hakan Yildiz. 

Executive Producers: Hakan Yildiz and Csanad Darvas. 

Cast: Hakan Yildiz, Pau Masó, Anna Rust, Zsolt Der and Christoph Fortmann.



The film’s homepage is here: 

The film’s fan page is listed here: 

And here:



The Laughing Mask


                                                        “If you’re guilty…beware!”


Director Michael Aguiar recently completed production on the horror title Creeper. This title dealt with the potential horrors of the internet and social media. Now, Pendragon Productions and Aguiar are in development on another horror project, titled The Laughing Mask. In the vein of the Saw franchise and Brendan Cowles Drive Thru, a maniacal killer targets those he deems guilty.


The Laughing Mask initially confines a young woman in the film’s first preview. She has turned her back on her child. In a moment of selfishness, this mother murders her child in order to get her life back. Yet, the Laughing Mask sees this act as it truly is: an act of murder and neglect.


The Laughing Mask is currently in the development stages of production. Aguiar and cinematographer Kyle Fritsche are moving ahead with script production and they are also scouting locations to be used in a full feature for The Laughing Mask. This title is expected to be completed in early 2013, with talks for distribution currently underway.


The first clip for the film has already been widely received. The preview has received well over 30,000 views on Youtube. Preview The Laughing Mask below in the film’s first clip!


Release Date: February, 2013 (expected).


Director/writer: Michael Aguiar.


Cinematographer: Kyle Fritsche.


Cast: Rohnja Morrow and Jeff Jenkins.


The film’s fan page is here:


The film’s homepage is here:




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