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Monster Presents: Gideon & Sebastian - Predators & Prey 

Hey guys! I just got a preview copy of this great comic, Gideon & Sebastian - Predators & Prey by PLB Comics, created by Matthew Shockley, and Karlton Anthony Hargrove. As a preview, I didn't get the complete story, but as it is, it's not too bad! This seems like an anthology series about the titular characters Gideon & Sebastian, vampire hunters. From the comic: "Gidean West - The Vatican's best weapon against the impending vampire threat that is quickly sweeping the world. A broken and angry man, wracked with sorrow and tortured by the murder of his wife and children nine years ago. Despite his best efforts, he has never been able to find the vampire who took their lives..." and "Sebastian - The young happy-go-lucky vampire who volunteered himself to the Vatican's experimental program. In return for his services, they are able to suppress his thirst for human blood with an engineered substitute.". As you can tell the characters are pretty well developed, and have a great setting for a good story. In the anthology we see the beginning of 6 different stories, that stop at a pinnacle point leaving a cliff hanger, usually with someone about the be bitten. The artwork in this is extremely top notch. Each episode is drawn by a different artist, and each has a very well done style. As an avid comic reader myself I see a lot of influences and see great potential in each one. I can tell this will go somewhere and I'm highly interested in seeing these characters grow, and see how the stories will come together.




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