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Monster Presents: Gideon & Sebastian - Predators & Prey 

Hey guys! I just got a preview copy of this great comic, Gideon & Sebastian - Predators & Prey by PLB Comics, created by Matthew Shockley, and Karlton Anthony Hargrove. As a preview, I didn't get the complete story, but as it is, it's not too bad! This seems like an anthology series about the titular characters Gideon & Sebastian, vampire hunters. From the comic: "Gidean West - The Vatican's best weapon against the impending vampire threat that is quickly sweeping the world. A broken and angry man, wracked with sorrow and tortured by the murder of his wife and children nine years ago. Despite his best efforts, he has never been able to find the vampire who took their lives..." and "Sebastian - The young happy-go-lucky vampire who volunteered himself to the Vatican's experimental program. In return for his services, they are able to suppress his thirst for human blood with an engineered substitute.". As you can tell the characters are pretty well developed, and have a great setting for a good story. In the anthology we see the beginning of 6 different stories, that stop at a pinnacle point leaving a cliff hanger, usually with someone about the be bitten. The artwork in this is extremely top notch. Each episode is drawn by a different artist, and each has a very well done style. As an avid comic reader myself I see a lot of influences and see great potential in each one. I can tell this will go somewhere and I'm highly interested in seeing these characters grow, and see how the stories will come together.





Tech Zombie's Mini Review: Hellraiser Revelations

Hello all. Tech Zombie here with my first mini review. I decided to brave Hellraiser: Revelations, and I'm here to share a few thoughts on the film. I won't really go into the plot, but I will touch on some of the complaints that the internet is full of at the moment (many before the film even released). Monster may do a more in depth cross-review for you as well.

The plot was decent and the acting was what you can expect from straight to DVD. Some of the cuts were a bit hectic, and the filming/editing seemed a bit amateurish. I was impressed with some of the makeup and effects, however, I feel that they could have done more with the opening of the box. I also feel that the Cenobites were closer to the original source material than they have been in the last few sequels. Overall the pace seemed a bit too slow, even though some aspects seemed rushed, and the was really no scares or suspense. I think that with a better director, and some different casting choices it could have been a much better film. Doug Bradley would have been better in the role of Pinhead, and Stephen Smith Collins feels like a cheap rip-off (think of those Chinese bootleg action figures you get at the $0.99 store.) Jackie Earl Haley made a better Freddy than Stephen Collins Smith makes Pinhead. All in all, it only took 1 beer to finish, but that's only because I was too lazy to get up for another.

Looking back at the 75 minute run time, it feels like this could have been a pilot for a spin-off TV series instead of a stand alone movie.

If you are looking for a true Hellraiser movie, you may be disappointed, but I don't feel as if the 75 minutes was wasted. I enjoyed certain aspects of the film, although I do feel that it could have been executed much better than it was. I will give a slight recommend if you happen to have on open mind.


Monster Presents: Hex House

What's up all! We got a chance to hang out at Hex House a couple weeks ago, and I must say this local haunt is AMAZING! This year it is separated into two different sections - The Hex House and a new attraction this year... Rise of the Living Dead! Hex House is based on a true story of a house here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The short of it is there is a house here in town, and in 1944 police found a small casket buried in the back yard, and two young women were found in a hypnotic trance down in the basement. The case was called "Hex House". For more details on the case at This area obviously takes place in a house. I won't spoil any details on it, you just gotta go check it out! There are a ton of great scares, and the props and effects are mind blowing. The actors are quite convincing, and stay in character no matter what. The Rise of the Living Dead area was even more amazing. It covered all of the great bases of a good zombie flick. Initial infection, down to military quarantine. Again the props were spot on and the effects were top notch. At one point, I got completely lost. One of the actors (not breaking character) had to help me find the door to the next room.I have to say this area actually had me spooked. The zombies were great but the haunt itself was quite disorienting.I loved it! Tickets for this event are $15 if you just want to do one of them, or for a better deal, you can go through both for $20. For a bit more cash, you can get VIP tickets which put you right at the front of the line! Trust me, the lines are really long for this amazing show, so I suggest VIP! This goes until Halloween night, every Thursday through Sunday. Check out all the details and the full story of the Hex House Case at



Monster Presents: Evil Dead The Musical: Oklahoma

What’s up guys! Tonight’s review is on a show I was privy to see… Evil Dead The Musical! This takes place at Scream Country in Drumright Oklahoma every weekend in October. To start off, you have an option as to what seats you get to sit in, Splatter Zone or No Splatter Zone. This would seem obvious, but let me explain just in case. Splatter zone is the first few rows to the stage. When you sit in this area, guess what? YOU GET SOAKED IN BLOOD!!!! Of course this is where we sat. We were front row dead center in The Pew, a lovely little bit of blasphemy at the heart of pervert row! The play itself is a mixture of Evil Dead, and Evil Dead 2, with a few lines from Army Of Darkness. The cast is an amazing group of actors and singers from all around the area. I’ll not spoil any of the story lines, or songs sung, but my favorite song is titled “What The Fuck Was That?!”. Great song! The most amazing part is the theater itself. They actually built the theater from the ground up, JUST to show Evil Dead The Musical. There is a huge beautiful banner in the front with the logo, and a CGI toonish Ash coming right out at you with Chainsaw on nub! The main set is the inside of the log cabin from the first two films, including the hanging props, and moose head. You will also see some great surprises and nods to other films. Special FX are done by our resident artist, John Stirling! Watch for his great FX work throughout the entire show! Tickets to the show are $20 for Non-Splatter, $25 for Splatter. If you would like to include the amazing Scream Country Walk-Through Haunt, just add $10 more to your Evil Dead choice! Tickets are on sale now for all weekends up to November 5th! Check out the killer bumper video they did for us last year below,

Monster Presents: Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection

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