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DSD Reviews Junksista's "High Voltage Confessions"

Combining Synth-pop melodies with elements of Funk and Hip-Hop, Junksista’s latest release, High Voltage Confessions is a departure from what I was expecting. It took me a few listens for me to truly appreciate the album. There is nothing here to be taken seriously, just gritty, dirty fun. From The funky bass lines and rhythmic guitar riffs of “Live a Little” and “Panties” to the clean synth melodies of the “Truth” and “I Said,” Diana’s lusty vocals prove to be provocative and stick with you like a presidential stain.

Some of the more noteworthy tracks include “True Love”, “Live a Little”, and “Stom”. All three are strong tracks on their own, and easily hold up to the club friendly grooves of “Get a Grip” and “P.I.T.T”. Even the tracks that I found to be kind of dumb on my first 2 or 3 listens have grown on me. I find myself singing along to “I Hate You” and “Sex on a Stick,” throughout the day.

If you have an eclectic taste in music, I highly recommend checking out High Voltage Confessions. For those on the fence, I would at least take advantage of a la carte options. I am anxiously awaiting the Bonus Tracks version.  High Voltage Confessions is scheduled for release on Nov 21, 2014 on Alfa Matrix. For more information, visit or



From a Dead Soul's Diary: Fall 2014 Schedule

Sept 18, 2014: Dead Soul's Diary Returns

October 2, 2014: DSD All Covers show

October 16, 2014: DSD Zoot Suit Zombie: Electro-Swing Special

October 30, 2014: DSD Samhain/Halloween Special (Guest announcement coming soon)

November 13, 2014: DSD Embraced: Mixes Inspired by Vampire: the Masquerade


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DSD Reviews Halo in Reverse "Trials and Tribulations"

Industrial is alive and well in New Jersey. One-man band, Halo in Reverse contintues where Trent Reznor left off with the "Downward Spiral." Industrial/Mechanical sounds, grinding guitars, and innuendos abound in "Trials and Tribulations", the bands debut album. Founder and sole member, Joshua Steffen often has an earily similar vocal sound to Trent Reznor while still having his own unique sound. Many of the drum and haunting piano samples would sound at home on DS as well as guitar riffs remaniscent of Pretty Hate Machine.

All in all, "Trials" is a solid offering from an up-and-coming act, and I'm anxious to hear what comes next. Whether you are a fan of 'old school' NIN, or are looking for some electronic music that isn't the same 4/4 stompy beat you hear for hours in the club, give it a listen.


Dead Soul's Diary Returns

Dead Soul's Diary is returning as a bi-weekly 1 hour podcast on libsyn.



Misfits and Fright-Rags join forces for fiendish double feature "Hybrid Moments" & "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?



 If you're gonna scream, scream with Fright-Rags. The horror apparel masters are once again joining forces with punk icons the Misfits. This time, they're bringing fans a double feature of limited edition shirts and posters.

Renowned artists Gary Pullin and Jason Edmiston were tasked with creating faux movie poster designs inspired by classic Misfits songs. Pullin channels "Hybrid Moments," while Edmiston asks "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" Each design brings to mind old-school grindhouse artwork while featuring the Misfits' signature fiend.

Both designs are available on apparel (t-shirts, girls shirts and zip-up hoodies), limited to 400, and as 18x24 screen printed posters, limited to 150.



You can purchase these items now on Pre-orders will last until Thursday, April 17 at 10am or until they sell out - whichever comes first. Orders are expected to ship in late May. also offers shirts from such genre classics as Halloween, Day of the Dead, Re-Animator, Escape From New York and much more.

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