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DSD Reviews Halo in Reverse "Trials and Tribulations"

Industrial is alive and well in New Jersey. One-man band, Halo in Reverse contintues where Trent Reznor left off with the "Downward Spiral." Industrial/Mechanical sounds, grinding guitars, and innuendos abound in "Trials and Tribulations", the bands debut album. Founder and sole member, Joshua Steffen often has an earily similar vocal sound to Trent Reznor while still having his own unique sound. Many of the drum and haunting piano samples would sound at home on DS as well as guitar riffs remaniscent of Pretty Hate Machine.

All in all, "Trials" is a solid offering from an up-and-coming act, and I'm anxious to hear what comes next. Whether you are a fan of 'old school' NIN, or are looking for some electronic music that isn't the same 4/4 stompy beat you hear for hours in the club, give it a listen.

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