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Haven @ The Vanguard

Haven @ the Vanguard

Come out and help us kick off Tulsa's newest dance event!

The event will be 18 to enter 21 to drink. With a full liquor bar.


DJ Stygian Soul (FearCast/Tulsa)
DJ Axis (Tulsa)
DJ Vixx (Tulsa)
DJ Ophio (Tulsa)

Lighting & Visuals by: Id10t Light


Before 11pm

21+ $5.00

18-20 $7.00

After 11pm

21+ $10.00

18-20 $12.00

VIP info coming soon!

More info coming soon!

Sponsored by: The Vanguard,,


Vocalist Destini Beard releases A Time Forgotten CD featuring music of Midnight Syndicate

August 7, 2012 (Cleveland, OH) – Vocalist Destini Beard has released A TIME FORGOTTEN, her first full-length album and followup to 2010’s successful THE DARK MASQUERADE EP.   As with her previous release, the album showcases Destini’s lyrics and haunting, alluring vocal performances and arrangements blended with music from gothic horror music pioneers Midnight Syndicate. The theme of the album surrounds a once-thriving Victorian hotel which suffers a tragic fire and is now haunted by it’s past residents as well as a malevolent spirit that holds dominion over all of them.  The story goes on to tell of a young woman who is called from the spirit world to the hotel to reunite with her departed true love only to discover the dark secrets that lie behind the rooms’ walls. "Sonically, we wanted the CD to be reminiscent of a short musical, with multiple layers of harmonies and counter melodies on each song,” said Destini. “The recording process took much longer than THE DARK MASQUERADE but I feel the end product was worth every bit of it.  I was especially pleased with how the musical variety works hand in hand with the lyrics to pull you further along on the adventure."

In addition to featuring twelve re-imaginations of classic Midnight Syndicate songs from CDs like THE 13TH HOUR, GATES OF DELIRIUM, and VAMPYRE, A TIME FORGOTTEN also features an industrial dance remix of FAREWELL FOREVER (NOCTEM AETERNUS) from Destini’s  THE DARK MASQUERADE EP.  The remix was produced by Pat Berdysz of the industrial band, Encoder  whose credits include the DEAD AND BURIED REMIX of  Midnight Syndicate's GRAVEYARD on THE DEAD MATTER: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK. The final special offering on this album, is the debut presentation of an original piece composed and performed by Destini Beard entitled MY LAST GOODBYE.  The album also features an eight panel fold out, with all of the lyrics for the listener to read along with and fully immerse themselves into the storyline. The cover art has been created by fantasy illustrator Ed Beard Jr, and captures the essence of the lead character and the mysterious Victorian hotel.

The CD is available now on Midnight Syndicate and Destini Beard’s websites,, and CDBaby.  It will be available digitally on  iTunes and Amazon MP3 on September 11, 2012.  

Official Destini Beard website:
Destini Beard on Facebook:
Official Midnight Syndicate website:
Midnight Syndicate on Facebook:

ABOUT DESTINI BEARD: Destini is a lyrical soprano in the enchanted and haunted soundtrack world. Destini’s 3-4 octave voice has an emotive sound that mesmerizes all who listen to her. Destini’s debut EP The Dark Masquerade was a tremendous success with audiences worldwide. After performing across the U.S. and overseas, she returned to the studio once more to produce her follow up CD A Time Forgotten  collaboration with Midnight Syndicate.

ABOUT MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE: Dark music pioneers Midnight Syndicate have been creating their own unique “soundtracks to imaginary films” for the past fifteen years.  During that time, they’ve developed a worldwide following in the gothic music, haunted attraction, Halloween, roleplaying game, and entertainment industries and inspired countless artists.   Each of their studio albums feature their signature blend of orchestral music and sound effects designed to pull listeners into a “world of their own creation.”  Midnight Syndicate’s impact is most felt by the general public during the Halloween season.   As the first band to devote themselves to producing high quality instrumental music for the Halloween retail, haunted attraction, and amusement park industries, Midnight Syndicate paved the way for other musical artists and revolutionized the way those industries view “Halloween music.”   Venues that feature their music include AOL Radio, Sirius XM, Carnival Cruiselines, countless Halloween and party stores, the vast majority of independent haunted attractions worldwide, and every major theme park company in America,  including Universal Studios, Anheuser Busch, Cedar Faire, and Six Flags.  Their music has appeared on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Monday Night Football, the NBA on TNT, Travel Channel and SyFy.  It has even been used as pre-show music by horror music legends the Misfits and King Diamond and appeared on recordings by seminal horrorcore artists Three Six Mafia, Twiztid, Black Lotus, and Insane Clown Posse. In 2003, Midnight Syndicate created the first official soundtrack to the classic roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.   In 2005, The 13th Hour became the first CD to win the gaming industries top awards, the Origins Awards and the ENnies. Since then, their music has been licensed for use in online games such as Shadowbane and X-Box games like Baldur’s Gate 2. In 2010, Midnight Syndicate released The Dead Matter movie.   A dark fantasy/horror film co-produced by Robert Kurtzman (producer of From Dusk Till Dawn) and starring Andrew Divoff and Tom Savini.   The film was well received by press and fans alike and won several awards.  Currently, it is enjoying screenings at conventions and festivals across the country. Their popular 2011 release, Carnival Arcane, won Best Horror CD from the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards and earned the band a nomination in the upcoming  2012 ENnie Awards. Having  just completed the score to the upcoming grindhouse thriller, Bunyan, production on Midnight Syndicate’s next CD is well underway with an estimated release date of late 2012 or early 2013.   The new disc promises a classic horror theme inpired by the creatures and stories of early Univeral and Hammer horror films.



Playlist: June 17, 2012

Cynical Existance - I'm Broken (featuring PreEmptive Strike 0.1)

Nolongerhuman - Don't Pray (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)

God Destruction - Become Death (Carnivalized by Cynical Existence)

Say Just Words - Abandonment of God (featuring Fredrik Croona)

Cyanide Regime- Suicide Girl

Say Just Words - The Perfect Killer (Electro Killer remix by Die Braut)

Wire Vein - We Burn

Bind.Torture.Kill - A Madman's Lullaby

Syndrome X209- 07 You & Me (2012 rework)

Pitterslatter - Necrotech

Axis - Jealous


Pittersplatter: The Dawn of Carnage: Special Edition

Stillwater Oklahoma based electronic nightmare band Pittersplatter has combined medieval horror with contemporary electronic music with a rock format to create their latest audial offering titled The Dawn of Carnage. The album was originally released in November of 2011 and now has been re-released with a re-mastered special edition with an additional 2 bonus tracks added as well as a new art package. You can place your order for the album at the band’s website located at under the STORE section of the site.


Once upon a time the creature known as Worm Splatter sat alone toiling on his own brand of epic electronic music. Those early musical tappings and scratchings became the Oklahoma based electronic band, Pittersplatter. Pittersplatter's sound takes inspiration from a wide variety of electronic music genres yet does not totally embrace any of them, instead choosing to exist in the favor of originality. The music is an electronic chorus of angry yet melodic tunes paired with dark lyrical themes and monstrous imagery, creating a band unique in both look and sound. In the almost 10 years Pittersplatter has been playing live the band has gained itself its very own following of fans as diverse as the band's musical style itself. These fans coined the term "electronic nightmare music" in attempts to label what the band does, realizing that Pittersplatter is not completely aligned with any one genre or trend, Pittersplatter simply is.


The Dawn of Carnage is Pittersplatter’s 4th locally released album and marks a drastic change in sound for the band. The album has been the most widely accepted Pittersplatter effort to date. 


“This is what makes the sub-genre have any hope of mainstream success, is a slab of talented musicianship, tripled with a great aesthetic, an eye for the Occult, a clever ability to differentiate between wanton terror and horror, and downright dirty and catchy Electronica.” – Brutal Resonance Magazine review of The Dawn of Carnage.


For more info on Pittersplatter and the Dawn of Carnage Special Edition see the links below.

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