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Welcome to "From a Dead Soul's Diary" on Here you will find information on the artists featured on the bi-weekly show airing Sunday nights on


Episode 2 Recap

Technical difficulties abound, yet the show must go on. Despite a rough start, D came in and saved the day. There may be a special Episode 2.1 later this week to make sure everything is ironed out before next week's show featuring Pittersplatter.




Episode 1 Recap


1.) Chuck Cooley and the Demon Hammers - Creeping Across Razors

2.) Munkie Gunn - Hollow

3.) Axis - RX(ZX92j)

4.) Hellblinki - Sanjula's Junk

5.) Heresy Theory - Hold Me Down

6.) Broken Heart Sindrome - Play Date with the Dead

7.) Hellblinki - Bubbles

8.) Jill Tracy - The Fine Art of Poisoning


Would you like more info on each of the bands?

Axis: Facebook  ReverbNation

Broken Heart Sindrome: Facebook  ReverbNation

Chuck Cooley and the Demon Hammers:  Myspace

Hellblinki: Official Website  Facebook

Heresy Theory: Official Site  Facebook  ReverbNation

Jill Tracy: Official  Facebook

Munkie Gunn: Facebook



Episode 0 - The Pilot

Here it is, the pilot episode for From a Dead Soul's Diary. The live show starts in May, so give it a listen, and please leave some feedback.


Coming Soon: From a Dead Soul's Diary, a Musical Experience hosted by the FearCast Tech Zombie

That's right! Starting in May, FearCast presents "From a Dead Soul's Diary" Tuesday nights on This show will focus on music from various local and national indepenent/unsigned artists. The pilot episode is currently in production and will be here on shortly. If you are a musician and would like to be featured on the show, send an email to

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