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The Must See movie of 2016 "Po" 

Director John Asher’s hypnotizing ‘’Po’’, a runaway hit with audiences at various film festivals including Albuquerque, Houston and Palm Beach, will screen at The Golden Door International Film Festival on September 24.

The film, starring Christopher Gorham (“Covert Affairs”) and newcomer Julian Feder, tells of a recently widowed man who must learn to cope with becoming a single father to his 10-year old autistic son.
Kaitlin Doubleday (TV’s “Empire”), Andrew Bowen (TV’s “The Division”), Sean Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Caitlin Carmichael (“300 : Rise of an Empire”) and Bryan Batt (“Mad Men”) co-star.

“Po” is a story close to Asher’s heart, as his son has autism, and the filmmaker hopes the movie will bring a greater understanding and recognition of autism to the world.

Asher, whose previous credits include the comedy ‘’Diamonds’’ starring Dan Ayrkoyd and Lauren Bacall and ‘’Dirty Love’’ starring Jenny McCarthy, is the son of famed TV legend William Asher, the original director of legendary sitcom ‘’I Love Lucy’’ and creator of ‘’Bewitched’’.

See “Po” at the Golden Door International Film Festival in New Jersey on September 24 at 6pm.

The Golden Door International Film Festival was  founded in 2010 by actor Bill Sorvino and a small group of dyed in the wool Jersey Cityites.  The renegade band of “old time Jersey City” residents set out on a mission to shine a light on Jersey City, New Jersey and to provide an equal platform to all filmmakers well known and otherwise.  Since that time,  Golden Door International Film Festival has anchored itself as a cultural focal point of Jersey City.


Thrilling masterwork THE HOLLOW in theaters October 7

From writer-director Miles Doleac and Academy Award Winning Producer Lisa Bruce (The Theory of EverythingThe Hollow – in theaters October 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.
hen a U.S. congressman's daughter passing through a small town in Mississippi dies in a mysterious triple homicide, a team of F.B.I. agents descends to investigate, the team's brilliant but jaded lead agent battling demons both past and present, as his beautiful, tough-as-nails partner tries to hold him and the case together. They find a struggling and corrupt sheriff's department, a shadowy and much-feared figure, who seems to be pulling all of the town's strings from his mansion on the edge of town and a local victim with a strange connection to a number of the town's most prominent figures.

The ensemble cast includes James Callis (TV'sBattlestar Galactica, Bridget Jones’s Baby), Christiane Seidel (Boardwalk Empire) William Sadler (TV’s Hawaii Five-0The Shawshank Redemption), William Forsythe (TV’s Boardwalk Empire, Daredevil), Miles Doleac (TV’sContainment, The Magnificent Seven) and Jeff Fahey (TV’s Lost, TV’s From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series).

 The Hollow, also out day and date on VOD, will screen in the following theatres :
NY - Cinema Village
LA - Laemmle Theaters
Atlanta - Plaza Theater
Chicago - Facets Cinema
Cleveland - Tower City Cinemas
San Francisco - The Roxie
Houston - AMC Willowbrook
Boston - AMC Liberty Tree 20
Orlando - AMC Universal Cineplex
Washington D.C. - AMC Lexington
The Grand Theatre-Hattiesburg, MS
The Grand Theatre-D'Iberville, MS



Science-fiction gem nominated for eight majors awards at the festival! 
Neil Johnson’s highly anticipated sci-fi actioner ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER has been named as the Opening Night Film at this year's Action On Film Festival, which is becoming one of the worlds top festivals to be in. 

Director Johnson will be in attendance at the red carpet event, along with the full cast led by star Tracey Birdsall (Who's Jenna...?, Dawn of the Crescent Moon).
ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is a science fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth and other worlds. 
Starring alongside Birdsall are William Kircher (The Hobbit), Daz Crawford (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Stephen Manley (Star Trek III), Marilyn Ghiggliotti (Clerks), Livvy Stubenrauch (Disney's Frozen), Tim McGrath, Ashley Park, Aaron Jacques, Marc Hawes, Tony Gibbons, Michael Scott Martin, and Charles Beck.
ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER, nominated for eight awards at Action On Film Festival, including:
BEST YOUNG PERFORMER - FEATURE (for Livvy Stubenrauch); and
BEST SOUNDTRACK - FEATURE (for Alex Starpoli).


Diabolique Magazine Spearheads Campaign for Restoration and Release of Classic Hammer Horror Films to Blu-Ray

Diabolique, the premiere horror genre magazine is spearheading a signature campaign to request that Warner Bros restore and release their classic Hammer Horror titles on blu-ray. According to a Warner Bros executive, though unlikely, the possibility does exist for these historic horror films to be fully restored and release in the new HD medium in the near future. So Diabolique has taken the initiative to collect thousands of signatures to convince Warner Bros of just how important this move would be to cinefiles.

Diabolique Magazine, has launched a signature campaign to ask Warner Bros to restore and release their classic Hammer Horror titles on blu-ray. Still active as a production company today, Hammer Film Productions was singlehandedly responsible for launching the worldwide horror craze in 1957 with their groundbreaking films, The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. Hammer’s classic horror films from the 1950s - 1970s represent the very fabric of British film history, and Warner Bros holds the rights to Hammer’s most important titles.

According to a Warner Bros executive, though unlikely, the possibility does exist for these historic horror films to be fully restored and release in the new HD medium in the near future. So Diabolique has taken the initiative to collect thousands of signatures to convince Warner Bros that there is great demand for these films among cinefiles. Warner Bros is watching the campaign, thus every signature is important, to ensure that classic horror and other classic titles get restored and released in the HD video format.

Why is Hammer Horror important?

In 1957, Hammer Film Productions, a tiny film studio on the banks of the Thames River in England changed the horror genre forever. The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer’s first Gothic horror film featuring their classic team—stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, director Terence Fisher, composer James Bernard and art director Bernard Robinson—was released in the United States by Warner Bros to spectacular box office results. It was the first Frankenstein film in color, and the first to feature Hammer’s signature style: lavish period detail, a bold sexual element and far more gore than audiences were accustomed to at the time. Hammer quickly became a household name around the world and the company still thrives today; their 2012 theatrical release The Woman In Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe, became the most successful British horror film in more than twenty years.

Classic Hammer Horror films are a vital part of the horror entertainment genre and of Britain’s cinematic legacy. Currently, Warner Bros owns the rights to 7 of the best and most important titles in Hammer’s significant output. Like the recent restoration of The Godfather by Paramount Pictures, Diabolique Magazine feels these 7 Hammer titles should be scanned, restored in HD, and released on blu-ray without delay, since the film elements continue to degrade.

The 7 titles that Warner Bros owns rights to are as follows:

  • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

  • Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968)

  • Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)

  • Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

  • Horror of Dracula (1958)

  • The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

  • The Mummy (1959)

"As you will most probably know, I starred in 4 Hammer Movies. I get hundreds of requests from people who are craving blu ray editions. I'm not saying this for my personal gain as I don't earn a penny from the new blu rays but I know there's a huge market out there," stated actor Shane Briant on Diabolique’s campaign page.

“All seven films cry out to be restored on blu-ray so that a new generation of fans (as well as the older generation!) can appreciate the thrills, color and style of Hammer horror at its best. They are not only a huge part of the history of Hammer Film Productions, they are an important part of the history of Warner Bros as well,” stated Bruce G. Hallenbeck, a Rondo Award-winning author.

With this signature campaign, Diabolique also seeks to draw attention to the fact that big studios are reluctant to release more than 80% of their catalog titles on BD due to the expense of scanning and restoration, as well as limited shelf space in stores. Instead, they release a limited group of films that they consider big moneymakers, over and over again. Diabolique wants to demonstrate to the studios that there is demand for culture out there that goes beyond blockbusters, and thus help create a greater diversity in the home video marketplace.

Celebrities like Guillermo del Toro, Bob Burns, Douglas McKeown, Mark Verheiden, Exene Cervenka, Shane Briant, Svengoolie, and Chad Crawford Kinkle have all signed the campaign. Diabolique’s goal is to reach 10,000 signatures by April 30th, 2014.

Anyone wanting to sign Diabolique’s campaign, can follow this link:



It was this time last year that Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions and
Cassandra Sechler of Dreams For Dead Cats Productions (DDCP) came
together to work on DOLLY DEADLY. In celebration of the production, the two
have a killer surprise for their fans: a very special online screening of “BENJI’S
MEMORY” to which everyone (18 and over) is invited to! 

Starring Justin Moore (as Benji), Myra Maines (as Rigamorta), and Dana Nelson (as the Bloody Couch Babe), and produced, directed, and edited by Heidi Moore- “BENJI’S MEMORY” is a prelude to DOLLY DEADLY, offering a glimpse into the main character’s past: the dark center of Benji’s tormented universe.

Dolly Deadly, written by Heidi Moore and Cassandra Sechler, and Directed/ Produced by Heidi Moore, is a story that revolves around the warped psychology of a tormented young boy named Benji. Living in his own mind to escape the constant abuse from his Grandma and her boyfriend, he has alienated himself from the outside world- only able to relate to his doll collection and his dead mother.

Throughout 2013 Moore has been wrapping other projects and planning for
the main Dolly Deadly shoot, which, drum roll please, will start this February! In
promotion of this much anticipated project, Moore has created a little taste of the
main character’s world…a dark, strange, and colorful place where blood pours,
visuals not meant for a childs’ eyes appear, and dark thoughts come to him.

This special window of viewing access for “BENJI’S MEMORY” is brought to you
courtesy of Wretched Productions and is intended to give the world a sample of
what’s in store for them in the dark, humorous, and violent world of DOLLY DEADLY. 

Check Dolly Deadly out on Facebook for exclusive updates regarding the film
and pay attention to the WRETCHED PRODUCTIONS official website for news
on current projects and upcoming films and screenings.

BENJI’S MEMORY will be live on Wretched Productions’ Vimeo for the entire month of February, starting February 1st at 9pm (central time) until midnight on February 28th. That’s just enough time for you to wet your horror-loving whistle and get ready for DOLLY DEADLY!

Dolly Deadly Facebook:
DDCP Official website: